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I Help Organizations Reshape Their  Workplace Culture

About Chris

As a Business Mentor for the Automotive Industry

Advising companies on how to create a motivated, creative and hands-on workplace.

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Chris' goal with every organization is to improve processes and to assure all locations are mainstreamed by integrating several key processes. This results in better customer service ratings, improved quality, and an increase in client retention.

For the past decade, Chris Maimone has brought these critical elements to the automotive industry. These have resulted in the creation of strong work culture and operational systems, and for the delivery of superior quality and customer service. 

Chris has always believed being hands-on as a way of creating opportunities to improve the company. Through his hands-on inspections, national workshops and training courses, its resulted in receiving national awards relating to superior quality, and customer service.

As a Motivational Speaker to Those Needing to Rise Up

Chris shares his life-changing experience and struggles, and how he rose above them

Chris was born at 27 weeks; the doctors worried he might not survive the night. Maimone had lung and brain issues, which required 14 brain surgeries from birth to age five. Doctors warned that he could be deaf, blind, or fraught with learning disabilities—all of which he defied. 

Chris has appeared as speaker for several organizations, such as Universal Technical Institute, California Lutheran University and the 2020 VeriFacts 11th Annual Symposium. Chris speaks openly about his medical journey and what it's taken to overcome his obstacles.

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“You May See Me Struggle,

But You’ll Never See Me Quit.” - Chris Maimone 

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